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Data Recovery

Damaged hard Drive? STOP!
Don't make it worse!

Let WizWire take a no-obligation diagnosis of your failing hard drive.

The worst thing you can do if you experience any of the symptoms to the right, is to continue to use the computer or hard drive. We recommend you immediately stop all work on the affected PC/Server and turn the machine off, and give us a call.

With years of experience in extracting data from accidental deletions and hardware failures, we have many tricks that allow us a good chance of recovery in most cases. Before you spend thousands on a data recovery expert, let WizWire take a diagnosis of your hard drive. We will let you know if there is any chance that we can recover any data.

If we are unable to recover data from your hard drive, we won't charge you for the recovery attempt. Other services performed for customers, including but not limited to: virus removals, reinstall of operating system, replacement of system components, in addition to data recovery attempts will incur our normal billing rate.

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